Atlantic Ice Warriors is offering a summer camp focused on skill development for players of all skill levels. The camp will focus on power skating, puck skills, and also instructional games (for players entering Atom and Pee Wee). Every Ice time will be structured where players move through a series of challenging drills that take a different focus each day of the camp. Power skating will allow for players to focus on skating stride, edge work, and overall balance. Puck skills sessions are structured with a specific focus that will change each day of the camp. Players will work in small groups in a specific area of the ice. Player achievement will be based solely on their own effort and work ethic. Power skating and puck drills are tailored with a more individualistic approach to learning, as opposed to a full ice "team" approach.

For some groups, an extra hour of ice has been added to the program to allow for game oriented instruction, with particular attention given to positional play for all three zones on the ice. The plan is not to focus on one particular position for a player, but rather learn about all positions as it pertains to the basic principles of hockey in general.

This summer Atlantic Ice Warriors are pleased to add a Puck Skills & Scorers group to our summer camp, along with our Goalies program. This is a new camp, focusing on situational puck control, stick-handling, and scoring tips.

Atlantic Ice Warriors pride ourselves on top quality coaching who have the ability to adapt each drill to meet the needs of each individual player. This, in essence, is what makes the our camp so versatile, and a camp which offers something for all skill levels.

Skills Camp - August 07th to August 11th. Laying the foundation for skating, stick-handling, passing & shooting skills.

Goalies / Scorers Camp - August 12th to August 14th. This is a new camp that will correspond scorers with goalies. while scorers focus on situational puck control, stick-handling, and scoring tips, goalies will be learning the technical skills between the pipes. At the end of each day, scorers will challenge the goalies in a fun but structured on-ice routine.

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