Registered participants of our programs will have the opportunity to experience off-ice presentations and off-ice conditioning at an elite level. Our off-ice conditioning involves learning the value of proper training technique, coordinating three elements of balance, movement and strength. Our off-ice presentations will cover components such as: consulting in sport, fitness; and doing the right things in life. Below are bios of our off-ice consultants.

Ryan Power - Atlantic Ice Warriors Conditioning Specialist

Ryan Power has been recognized through out Canada for his passion in a demanding hockey specific field. Ryan runs his own Off-Ice and On-Ice Conditioning business, Power Conditioning Inc. He spends endless hours working with elite level players from our province, to prepare them for demanding in-season schedules from leagues all across Canada. All of his hockey experience, fitness and sports conditioning education are what gives him the knowledge of what is needed for young players to be physically at the top of their game.

Judy Bursey-Currie - Atlantic Ice Warriors Anti-Bullying Specialist

Atlantic Ice Warriors would like to welcome, Judy Bursey-Currie as one of our Off-ice Consultants. Judy is a hockey mom and is currently employed at the NL Correctional Centre for Women as a Classification Officer. Judy has developed a 30 minute interactive age-appropriate session on bullying and ways to deal with bullying situations. This program has been developed by the NL Correctional Center for Women through their Supportive Community Initiatives Program (SCI) as a way of giving back to the community. The inmates at the Correctional facility assemble anti-bullying toolbox booklets to be given to each child during the off-ice presentation. Atlantic Ice Warriors supports Judy’s initiative against bullying on and off the ice and we want kids who attend our hockey camp to have an all-around fun experience.

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